With Regards To Music Piracy
Thursday, July 15, 2004
As most of us knwo there is such a line that divides artists between pros and cons with regards to their view towards piracy this is of course in the context of the music industry while most of us have already heard the side of those who are against piracy spearheaded by Eminem, Metallica and almost every other pop artist in the mainstream side of the music scene few of us have ever took into consideration the underlying aspect of those who are for piracy.

And I'd like you to take these following considerations with regards to piracy.

On The Artists' Side

Music piracy is not really an issue from my point of view. The real issue behind music piracy is the idea that artists believe that their song is private property hasn't it occured to them that by the act
broadcasting, performing and introducing their songs they have already denied the exclusiveness of his or her song to himself, the song now become a part of the lives of his listeners it no longer caters to his or her own it becomes somewhat of a soundtrack to someone else's life. And to claim that it is his own and that people should pay him for introducing his music to others is a betrayal of his purpose as an artist. Another thing is that why are they submitting themselves to the greed of record labels who merely want to milk them of their talents. Lastly my observation regarding this issue is that a majority of the artists that are crusading against piracy are pop stars that merely invests in their
aesthetics, voice and pressence to make up for their lack of skill in composing their own songs.

Has Anyone Ever These Questions?
Q: Why do punks create bootlegs of their music?
Q: Why is everybody whining about the imminent death of the so-called
music industry?
Q:Why do you buy pirated music?
Q:Is the money gained from the royalty of one's songs the only means
for a person to pay the expenses for his work?

A: Punks create bootlegs of their music to spread what they have to say
regardless of the profit.
A: The idea about this is that music has already ceased to exist as a
form of self-expression in the affluent society. The tem 'music
industry' itsel conotatiates the idea that music is a lucrative form of
business and that songs and artists are merely commodities.
A: check the other entries for answers,
A: Has anyone ever heard of DIY punk ethics?

By definition DIY punk ethic refers to the idea of 'doing it yourself', i.e., making and promoting music without major record label backing, and without any great level of "selling out". A popular slogan of the DIY movement is "DIY not EMI", an explicit rejection of the major label of that name.
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Would Music Die If The Industry Goes Bankrupt?
Whose Benefit Does The Anti-Piracy Campaign Benefit?

What I don't get with those who are against piracy is that if it would
ever be the cause of the music idustry's demise it would not mean that
the passion to make music would die, since it is only the industry that
is killed the industry is just an institution it rests on something
that is tangible, while on the other hand the passion to write music is
somewhat of a drive which basically rests on the mind which cannot be
tarnished not unless you kill the physical body, and I guess what I am
trying to say here is that would it be a complete loss if the music
industry would die? I mean mainstream music that is being pirated in the past
3 years could be regarded as crap anyways I mean isn't
Britney,Aguillera, the twentysomething monster rock acts, the silly balladeers, the
sexist rappers, boy bands, girl groups among others are the ones that
dominate the pirated shelves? But despite the fact that they are pirated
they still earn millions and that their pressence still flood MTV and FM
radio stations and their loyal following still buy their original stuff
as well as some pattented apparel, and there are a number of their fans
that cannot afford their original merch and perhaps if they could they
would have bought the original but their monetary standing doesn't make
that a reality for them so think of piracy as the mainstream music's
charity to the people who love them but cannot afford their charge.
And so what if these mainstream blokes lose their jobs I guess it would
be stupid for them to use up all their money on their silly bourgoise
lifestyles. Wouldn't it be nice that again the music industry would have
a fresh new start on the grassroots and that it would be a free for all
to every aspiring musician, performer and composer.
What also saddens me is the fact that the government spends too much
time on destroying piracy to go to the extent legislating laws, creating
legal and police arms to fight it all for the protection of foreign
corporate record companies who in the first place are dictating what we
should listen to. The money spent on that could have been used to
reinforced existing projects that develop legitimate needs of the masses.
And come to think of it this phenomenon is basically just an example of
the chaos theory at work since the whole music industry is so to well
organized anyways.


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