who am i?
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
an old work that was recently encoded into the pc by laix

who am i?
i have no face. no body. i know nothing but what i see. i am an eye. no not an
eye. i am the act of seeing. i am quite sane. i am a voice that not only speaks to
a generation, but for generation.
who am i?
am i the one who's been trying to fit in? or am i just another cool kid. am i a
familiar face that disappeared in the boundless sea of people? am i a question
mark or a semi-colon? am i a pathetic example of my organic heritage?
who am i?
i am the paradigm of carefree living. a celebration of alienated consciousness. i
am a confession cut with dry wit. i am a deflecting adventure in thought and
i'm part art.
i'm part mental.
i'm part sexual.
i'm part physical.
i'm part time.
and i am part space.
who am i?
am i sonic disruption buzzing in your ear? am i a familiar tune thrown under
the roof of alternative music, and then ghettoized somewhere left of a radio dial,
rendered immovable with rigor mortis? am i a combination of the mind and a
battered acoustic guitar? am i a melody falling from the sky? or a feedback
blasted to your ear by a resounding distorted electric guitar? am i a question of
style? or perhaps a question of identity?
who am i?
i have journeyed from childhood innocence; to teenage dynamism; to young
glory up to my discharged college life anxiety.
who am i?
am i a former grunge rocker, who once slam danced to nirvana's "smells like
teen spirit," who now raves to the beat of techno music? am i you? ar am i
me? am i either a she or a he? or does it ever matter at all?
who am i?
i am filled with unendurable happiness and the anguish of amorous subjugation
and the crossing and clashing of different principles and ideals.
who am i?
am i in the position to tell what's right from wrong? am i the foundation on which
the moral fabric rests? am i a musical genre that is punk, metal, grunge, rap,
ska, reggea, and hip-hop at the same time?
who am i?
i am the mentor. disturd me if you can. whenever i have an original thought i
forget it right away. yeah, that's me on the corner, with my nasal passges
bleeding from the heat of the spotlight.
who am i?
i am the one who hides in the closet. i am a lazy middle-class intellectual. i am
you and i am everybody. i am a lethargic basement prophet who preaches that
humanity is evil, and civilization is the scum on its surface; underneath we're all
just brutes and savages.
who am i?
am i a so-called "neo-marxist" intellectual who treats marxism as a mere
academic spat? or a perhaps a president who tries to make his country
"business friendly" by keeping his labor, environmental, health, and safety
standards to a minimal? probably a legislator who authorizes policies that
mandate budget cuts in social programs such as education, agriculture, minimum
wage, housing, and health care? or an economic minister who patronizes
liberalism, deregulation and the privatization of public utilities such as electricity
and water services? or an environmentalist who rejects the idea of sustainable
development as an economic and social development that meets the needs of
the current generation without undermining the ability of future generations to
meet their own needs; and radical ecology as a means to preserve the integrity,
stability and beauty of the biotic community?
who am i?
i am a wealthy CEO of a multi-national company who lives in an exploitive logic
that sees human beings as capital, ecosystems as expendable assets, and culture
as a simple commodity. i am a capitalist swine who perceives the world valuable
only in terms of profit, competition and efficiency. or a manager who considers
a labor union as an immediate threat to his business'financial growth.
who am i?
am i a radical who rejects revolution as a catalyst towards true democracy? or
am i a political advocate who envisions the attainment of social change through
the employment of a coup d'etat? am i a trade unionist who compromises with
the management's unjust practices in exchange for funds and special privelages?
who am i?
i am a fast food chain owner who fuels the pollutive meat industry, which
slauthers numerous animals for food and level rainforests for cattle gazing. i am
an industrialists who voluntarily commits genocide to thousands indigenous
ecologically harmonious tribal cultures, raging from assimilation to the market
economy to physical forms such as involuntary displacement and mass murder.
who am i?
am i an urban sprawl dwelling scumbag who seeks utopia in the American
dream as endorsed in advertisements? or a nitwit-slob who finds pleasure in
escapism, and machines that lessens the difficulties of doing or daily chores?
who am i?
i am an anti-social invigorated with angst savored with an adolescent sense of
smash everything nihilism. i am a naive posi-core punk rocker who believes that
the world will change if the punks and skins will unite. moreover i am a typical
jaded parasite one would associate with drop out culture in any form.
who am i?
am i the one who's gonna make a mark in history? am i a failure or a
breakthrough? am i a milestone in genetic engineering? or am i a computer
who am i?
i am myself. my existence is on par with the reality that elvis, jim morrison, john
lennon, sid vicious, joey ramone and kurt cobain still live. i am as real as a
myth just like: legitimate freedom of the press, globalization, alternative music,
stress-free relationships, safe-sex and quality airline food.
who am i?
am i sex, paranoia, drugs, morality, war, peace, anarchy, freedom, religion and
revolution rolled into one? am i a utopian? a socailist? am i a communist? am i
a fascist? am i an anarchist? or perhaps a nihilist?
who am i?
hell, i dont know. am i supposed to care if there's a mystery in my actuality?
who am i?
i don't know. but one thing is certain: i am not popular. and i like everybody else, i
want to be someone not just anyone.
so, who am i...?
...we may never know.


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