Friday, January 20, 2006

After hearing my father talk about the argument that he had with a tricycle driver about jacking up the price of tricycle fare made me realize that maybe riding a trike just ain't worth it.

What's astounding about it is that later on as I was riding a jeep a senior citizen availed of their previlige transport fare the driver then goes on with his whining about people taking advantage of them including senior citizens and how unfair passengers are, and how oil price hike is a burden to them.

Well, how did I go to the conclusion that I'd rather walk than ride a tricycle you might ask?

For starters, I detest having to argue with someone on the basis of cash. It's not worth arguing material wealth is what corrupts us most of the time and turning us into monsters with a distorted sense of fairness. No way would I stand for that.

Another is that in my observation some short route transport lines are but an available excuse for other people to be lazy. I've been walking a lot already and most of us already are walking great distances while we're strolling the mall why not try making a difference by reducing pollution by sacrificing our precious leisure of taking a walk and taking short rides only when its necessary?

I know this is shallow but and not a lot of you would agree to this but the fact of the matter is that I'm really critical with the idea of transport fare hikes on the basis of oil price increase. It's not the consumer's fault that prices of oil are jacking up its those oil tycoons who never in their lives have claimed that their business is earning they're always in the brink of bankruptcy or so they say.

Also there's this oil deregulation bill which makes it favorable for those petroleum economic terrorists, why don't the organized transport movement confront that at a larger scale, is price increase the only solution its no wonder I'm not a fan of ACTO's Efren De Luna or that of the lady from FEDJODAP. They're no different from the oil companies that they're fighting against they're in it only for the profit. It's not that they're confronting the deregulation law but because they're always looking for short term solutions to this treadmill that they're stuck on, and they're doing it at the consumers expense and what sucks about it too is the fact that their passengers are mostly the working class who're earning on minimum wage.

Right now this is just a verbal depiction of my disappointment, I'm sorry.


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