from baguio to bangkok
Monday, April 30, 2007
after making the mistake of thinking that i'd be freezing my bollocks off on baguio i am again away from the people i love and cherish... work sometimes get into your nerves specially if you're working from some eglitarian cause that very few people take the time to understand or even care about. in my case its the environment. and i'm part of the ragtag group of activists here at greenpeace.

anyways recently greenpeace has brought me to baguio recently where i was by God's grace able to trek my way through 12 kilometers of rough terrain... which would have been better if jeanie, jen and leyza were there but sad to say duty calls for them and it was only me tina, ac and lynie that were able to go up north...

now i am here in bangkok in a damp conference room in an office space that's situated along a ring of bars, clubs and beauty parlors trying to work but ended up blogging...

now that was quite a very long introduction to a very short account of how i got here...

well it started yesterday afternoon after a teary farewell to jeanie, my parents and kuya benjie that i boarded the plane to thailand where after landing in their airport had a difficult time getting a meter taxi, thus making me end up riding a 700 baht limo service that's driven by a suspicious looking guy from lao who offered me with a brochure for thai massage which i refused because i'm really very sleepy and the thought that the guy driving the vehicle that's taking me to the hotel is a pimp is more than enough reason for me to get on my knees and pray.

waking up later in the morning i ended up lost looking for the new greenpeace office thus causing me to walk idly in the rainy streets of bangkok (which by the way sucks... because i didn't bother to bring a jacket because its already 40 degrees celsius in the philippines and i was thinking that its the same in thailand) well anyways i got a call from arthur telling me to go back to the hotel because the office was closed so i took a cab where again as with everytime i'm in thailand i was lost in translation and caused me to get lost even more...thankfully i still got to the hotel... where i took a nap and afterwards try to retrace my way to the office and as i walked pass a long row of closed pubs i was able to find the office building thus making me end up here in this table using a mac that doesn't support firefox and reminding me of how homesick i am already and i haven't even spent 24 hours in thailand... hopefully tomorrow's another day...


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