he's back and well to minister
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Its quite amazing that after the long pause Kuya Ponch is already on his way to recovery from this operation that he underwent a few weeks ago. I must admit that it has been 3 weeks already since I've had attended my sunday school class at church, for the reason that Kuya Ponch, wasn't able to be with us at church because he was still resting from his operation and that there was also this simultaneous theological class that's being taught at that same time and its sad to say that I didn't attend that theological class though I think it is very cool, and I am ashamed of myself for not starting it out.
Going back to Kuya Ponch, you may be asking why does the pressence of my sunday school teacher at church really mean a lot to me?
For starters he is afterall my sunday school teacher and I enjoy attending his sunday school class I like his banter at teaching scripture, I enjoy his fellowship as well as the fellowship of my fellow attenders in that class, after all that fellowship is also what other churches would call as a cellgroup. And the people in that class are my fellow cellmates.
But more importantly is that he is a good friend, that transcends beyond that of a typical friend whom you either grew up with or have had a lot of common things, experiences and the like. No it wasn't that he's a lot older than I am. As a kid growing up in church I've already seen him teach at our church's Junior Worship Service when I was still in pre-school.
So why then do we share this bond of friendship, well to start with he was a very good spiritual mentor for me and I must admit that almost all that I am teaching to Laix, Aga and Ryan are partly taught to me by him.
Another is that if ever there were spiritual father's he would have merited to be as one, though I didn't value it during that time that he was giving me this one to one Bible study way back then, still he continued to set me straight and he didn't gave up on me despite the fact that I won't show up for my weekly Bible study with him, for reasons that I could no longer remember.
Another was that he was also the one who continued the started work of my previous
discipler, Kuya Chito after circumstances caused my small group with him to disband.
Moreover, he also was the one who became an encouragement for me to value the habit of reading, especially with the systimatic study of the Bible as well as in the area of reading books whether it may be Christian or secular, and if it wasn't for him I would've missed out on such classic literature written by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Isaac Asimov.
To look back as to how far I've been mentored by him not once did he gave me the cold shoulder nor treat me in accordance to the offenses that I did, nor did he treated me and my silly manifestations of hedonism and the like with harshness.
I look up to him because I can see that God is truly at work in his life.
I look up to him whenever I remember this prayer covenant that we had when our BS was still starting where we prayed for our family to spend Christmas together because an earlier problem between the doctrinal stand of my older brothers shattered and strained their relationships. And indeed our family did spend the Christmas together at that time. And I can remember him for really being that passionate with his prayer life that he'd always give extra emphasis on that whenever we'd close our BS, as well as the part that he played when he along with other people at our church started the overnight prayer meeting at our church
on Fridays.
I look up to him because I really see him as a good teacher of the word and I admire his creativity in preparing for his lessons for me during our BS where he'd augment elements from Shin Tzu, Starcraft, U2 and musical references to The Cure at our lessons. I liked the way he challenged me to treat Bible study to a level that supercedes that of how I treated my academics. Another is the idea that he also encouraged me to request topics of study for our BS.
I look up to him, because I admire his devotion to studying the word. He once said that he made a covenant with God to finish the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a year and he has done that since the 1980s and I admire him because he does his quiet time twice in a day, apart from the lessons that he prepares for our Bible Study, the Junior Worship Service, the prayer meeting and for the visitations that does on Saturdays.
Lastly I look up to him for being a good friend to me, thus being a good witness to what he preaches, he helped me with my studies, he visited me at the hospital whenever I'd be sick, he plays computer games with me as well as with other people at church, he lended me disks of PC games that I've never been able to return and he really took the time and effort to listen to me whenever we'd talk.
And seeing him back again at church and telling us of his experience in the operation and in the recovery process, he tells us that when he'd really think about it he said that such experience was given to him by God to really spend more time in taking greater study at His word and he even mentioned that during that three weeks he was able to finish entire books of the Bible in a day, just imagine how he thirsts for the word and I would really like to be like that and the greater fact there is that he choses to share what he's read in the Bible to others as a teacher of the word, as a deacon at our church and as a witness of the saving grace of Christ Jesus our Lord.
I could not help but again feel encouraged this past weekend at the mere fact that he's back and well to minister at our church.

Which Probiotics Drink Kicks Lactobacilus Ass?
Friday, August 27, 2004

In the grand tradition of Aliens Vs. Predator, King Kong Vs. Godzilla, Ultimate Warrior Vs. Hulk Hogan and the like I'd like to propose a battle royale that I am foreseeing in the near future, a battle that would widely affect the very welfare of our bodies specifically the balance of good and bad bacteria; a battle between two strains of anti-bodies (lactobacili shirota-strain and lactobacilus plantarium); a battle where the tables are turned and where the long standing hegemony of Dr. Shirota's discovery is contested by this rash new upstart drink. Would the answer to the question: "okay ka ba tyan?" still be: "Yakult everyday makes everyday okay." Or would the face of Lactobacilus drinks be changed forever.
Please do find time to visit the following links and participate on this survey to determine which drink would rule the realm of probiotics.

The Specs - click here

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By the way please take note that Yakult has already displayed its superiority against Nestle's minor competitor Chamyto.

The Specs - click here

The Package

The mascot

While on the other hand this newcomer has a very powerfull ally that comes in the guise of Ernie Baron, the walking encyclopedia himself and pioneer of the pito-pito industry that has once flourished along Kamias Rd. in Quezon City.

click that mouse of yours --->here<---

Testosterone Overload

Growing up with a weight that is less than 100 lbs, at age 17 really sucks especially when you're in high school and if you're not really that in to sports and stuff. Which makes me think if those testosterone overloaded jocks are really worth looking up to. Please read on:
I remember this cool poster (or was it a billboard?) when I was in grade 1 (i guess) where he's standing there with an uzi and there are hordes of black & white ninjas lined up in their kickass fighting positions. And I used to make my action figures ranging from GI Joes, He-Man and Rambo's into imitating that poster, where I later learned on Movies To Watch that the film was called American Ninja 2, where it starred this dude named Michael Didikoff, and I remember that I asked one of my brothers to take me to the movie house at Delta theatre to watch that film, but he refused to grant that request and years later I got the chance to watch that crap film I looked back and felt glad that he didn't take me to watch that film for whatever reason it may be, (I think it was either I was too young for the graphic violence of the movie or he still remember the story that my other brother told when of the time when he took me to watch King Kong versus Godzilla and I pleaded with him to take me home because I got scared of King Kong's ugly face.) But that's not important now the important thing is that I got to watch the movie years later where I am old enough to realize that posters are so deceitful, and that movies that starred actors like Didikoff, or Dolph Lundgren (whom I just read about, has a PhD in Chemistry), or Jan Michael Vincent are just pile macho studs who just so happen to look good with their uzis, M16s and grenade launchers, but nevertheless never really had talents to share to us and that is why people like Fabio and Billy Ray Cyrus are considered as insignificant baritone voiced gnomes. And the best breaks those kind of guys would get are as punching bags to Van Damme, Stalone and Governor Arnold.
But anyways I still appreciate those guys since they like blowing up stuff like vietcongs, yakuzas who all look the same and get to kick the asses of some innocent bystanders and every once in a while will get the chance to exchange blows with Chuck Norris or Shokusugi and their movies get to see in Solar Channel where I'd be sharing a good laugh or two at their projected senseless violence along with whoever I am with at that time or even get a TV series with titles like Cobra, Viper, Air Wolf, Blue Thunder, Thunder In Paradise etc.
And for whatever reason I am writing this about I'm sure glad that I didn't end up being a jock or ended up trying so hard to make myself be like one, and I always find it cool whenever I'd get to see this re-run on Friends where Ross was so jealous of Rachel's new dude, because he's got the macho thing in him, but there's this woman who tells him that those macho one's are just macho with nothing else to offer other than their masculinity and their bulk while he in the other hand is the stuff of a protagonist who struggles amidst his lack of esteem and bulges to get the girl.
And when I look back at my old literature class with Ave Perez Jacod I could not help but smile when he explained to us the difference of a hero and a protagonist. The hero is the embodiment of what could be expected physically, morally and emotionally of a character in a story which makes that character in the end too impersonal for anyone to relate to, while the protagonist is the real lead of the story the one who perseveres despite the odds just like Frodo, the fragile person who would always end up as the one who saves the day.
So what does this say about me?
Nothing actually but I really like to think that I'm the protagonist of the continuing saga of living life that is written here on this blog and I'd like to warn you all that there is no testosterone overdose here and that this blog is for the wusses who've spent all their lives in insecurity.

I'm At Work Right Now And Everybody Else Is At Home
Thursday, August 26, 2004
I really wish that I'm not here right now.Before heading of to work the government have already called for the suspension of classes in all levels as well as the suspension of work for all government offices. But the sad thing though is that I am not working for the government, and the fact that despite the hiatus of the downpour yestrerday without even a hint of refrain this office still continued its operation. Well anyways I wasn't able to go to work yesterday so that's the reason why I haven't posted that recently and another is that I'm really having a difficult time with composing my posts.By the way just this Monday me and Jeanie were able to attend the necrological services of her good friend and thesis advisers' father, and I was again reminded of my mortality and how I should make the most out of the one I'm living right now.Another is that I'm glad that Jeanie was able also to overcome the discouragement that she got from other believers that she's come across and that she now has a renewed sense of purpose in continuing her ministry and I really would like to take this opportunity to commend her for that.Lastlly I've now been able to create two more new pages for this blog the only problem is that I haven't come to publish its link buttons on this blog yet but you could visit it by going to the links that I've posted below, another is that the literary folio page has already been set-up the only problem is the formatting of the page and that it still has a lot of kinks that I stil need to work out on and that there are still some works that I still have in my PCs hard drive at home that I haven't copied here yet and then there's also a dozen more or so articles that I've still got to encode in the PC, but the good thing is that since I wasn't at work yesterday I was able to finish typing a couple of those that I'm planning to add to the folio (an article and a short story) and there was also this very long prose that I've already began to encode just yesterday and hopefully the backlog would be worked out as soon as possible as for the graphic portfolio I'm still quite not in the position to start it yet since most of my artworks are freehand and manual collages that still need to be scanned but hopefully that'll also be finished any time soon.So I hope you'll be kept posted.

By the wa here's the two new added pages:
My Lobotomy Results
My Literary Portfolio

Nothing Much
Monday, August 23, 2004
As some of you may have noticed this blog has been quite inactive for the past few days mainly for the reason that I really don't have that much to say, since there really is nothing much happening in my life, and eventhough I am right now as always have been regenerated in both the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life for the past weekend I am not quite in the spirits to share the weekend because as you may have noticed in has sort of become so routine-like for me to post of how happy I am for the weekend, and it is safe to say that yes indeed I have been again energized by the weekend among other things.
By the way here's something worth sharing about my nephew Arno, just yesterday he's already on the start of writing his novel though he's only 7 years old, another is that my seatmate here in the office Millette has bid her farewell to this office, effective last Friday which led me to missing the Friday YOF service where instead I found myself at Racks just beside the building where I am working, well anyways that's jsut some of the notable things that have happened in the weekend.
Another reason why I am posting here right now is for the reason that I am presently planning on writing my own literary and graphic portfolio which I will be linking as a separate webpage on this blog but the thing is that I haven't gone to starting the process yet but rest assured that in the coming days I'll see to it that it'll come to completion. So you may be asking why am I planning on doing such, well nothing much really but it is also bourne out of a frustration that I really want people to read or take the time to hear or better yet read whatever it is that I regard as something that are of value for me.
Lasatly I got into a talk with Laix last Saturday where we're both exploring the probabilities of starting a new band out of the ashes of Life Is Trying though still in its planning stages we're hoping for God's guidance that we'll both have the right intentions in forming the band and that reason mainly is for the advancement of our faith to people out there another is that we've also sort of handpicked already the people that we're eying for the band but still we're still considering the fact that this would require a lot of time and devotion for such a collective effort and as of now we've still haven't found the time to work out its kinks, but hopefully it'll work out in due time.
By the way maybe by now you've discovered the Blogger search bar above the blog which I think is very usefull since it enables the user/visitor to search for particular keywords within the blog, which kind of in a way makes me think that the google search bar that I have here may in its own right be rendered useless, but I guess only time would tell, and the other cool thing about this bar is the fact that it allows the user to post instantlly. Well anyways this is all the time that I have for blogging right, gotta get back to work. Thanks for the read.

Thursday, August 19, 2004
m35b - where collective thought & action germinates

You Wouldn't Believe...

It was quite an amazing thing yesterday that once again for the advancement of God's word I have been given the previllage to speak my faith to Aga and Ryan, and the topic that I have expounded on is on the area of an individual's assurance of their salvation after they have sincerely acceptid Jesus into their lives. In short I taught them of the doctrine of the eternal security of the believer.
To cut to the chase we had a very lengthly discussion regarding the topic but the fact remains that they indeed understood the doctrine, which basically says that we are eternally saved from the wages of sin simply because the Bible tells us so and that its implications with the act that they did when they chose to recieve Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, it is that salvation is wholly the act of
God saving men from their sins through the sacrificial death and ressurection of Christ and another is that scripture tells us that salvation is given by God to man as a gift (or as the Bible tells it: by grace) and like all gifts, it could only be considered ours if we chose to accept it, and to accept it is by putting our faith in Jesus Christ, so to cut the story short they indeed understood that they are saved by the grace of God and that it is their faith in God's work of redemption that they are saved so therefore our faith validates in the Gospel of salvation is what saves us and that it is our belief in that promise of the Bible that gives us the assurance of the eternal security of our salvation.
Another is that again I am in awe that I have been able to expound on it and be able to relate it to them in a way that is neither preachy nor vague and that apart from that I was also able to talk to them about other topics of the faith as well like why Biblical Christianity is against the existence of Purgatory and that I was able to explain to Ryan the topic of the Great White Throne Judgement in the Book of Revelation, and take note that I was able to give them scriptural references that would validate my claim which is not me already since I am no more special in my understanding of Scripture, I truly believe that it was that of the Holy Spirit's work in me that was there yesterday.
Later that night (or better yet early morning) I was also given the chance to have a very long telephone conversation with a common aquiantance who is considering on leaving his religion (INC) for the reason that he is so in love with his girlfriend who is very much on fire for God right now. And to cut it short
I was very troubled by this mainly because I know and he verified it that he's simply chosing to be converted to Christianity is simply because he feels that he cannot move on with his life without that special relationship with his girlfriend and that on the girl's side she is simply that serious with her faith that she is only that serious with God's command that a believer in Christ should no be equally yoked with a none believer.
Though the guy indeed claimed that he is chosing to Christianity over his religion mainly because of the girl and that he also believes that the girl might be God's way of calling him to His pressence and indeed I may in a way agree on that part but I do believe that though the girl may by the way she cannot be the reason for him to be converted, because the right reason would still be and always be the fact that we have the right understanding that we are sinners and that we need God in our lives apart from that it would just be another emotional act of putting being prey to what we feel for the moment.
Another thing that we talked about is that he said that he'd be interested in studying our faith and after that he asked me how one get's saved with Christianity I simply said that one must sincerely receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior thus entering into a relationship with God, nothing more nothing less. I was struck by his response that he is basically doubting the fact that it is that simple but come to think of it the
religious system that he is in right now basically denies the truth that Jesus Christ is God and that it is a requirement for one's salvation that they must be a part as well as baptized into their Church and that one must keep all their laws so that they would not be excommunicated thereby forfieting their salvation. Simply put is that their faith is based on again their membership in their church another is in the way of deeds which are commanded of them, which is not that of the person Jesus Christ which the Bible explicitly implies.
The talked went for more than 2 hours or so and I feel that we're simply going nowhere with our talk so in the end I asked him to pray with me that he'll be able to be certain with his intention for converting to us and during that moment I feel kind of guilty and at the same time helpless, because I feel that at that moment the dilemma he's facing is beyond my capacity and that all I can offer him is sympathy another is that my conscience really convicts me not to entertain his decision to move to Christianity for the reason
of his love for the girl, and so we prayed for God to give him the right decernment as to whether he'd really be willing to follow Jesus Christ and as to whether he'd be willing to pay the cost of following him since he also belongs to another system of faith that clearly preaches a different gospel from what I believe. So in the end I simply gave him the four gospels I told him to take the time to read it and to call me then after he's read it and if ever he has any questions.
And just this morning as I was surfing the net I stumbled upon a Christian apologetics site that deals with how a Christian was to deal with such and it says this what I did yesterday was simply an act of preventing him from falling into a false conversion because the fact still stands that we simply need to recieve Christ for the forgiveness of sins, not to "make things better."
So I hope that this have been sort of any value to those of you who are reading this right now. Another is that I really need your prayers with the things that are happening around me right now because though I am already bought by the blood my human nature is still that of the flesh which seeks comfort rather than that of the building up of my character in Christ so please do include me in your prayers.

Beyond What Is Logical
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
To be perfectly honest this post was borne out of the constant assailance of self-proclaimed skeptics of the validity of Biblical scripture so the verses that I have written below basically speaks how I feel about the skepticism exhibited by the nihilists, agnostics and other self-professed vanguards of free thinking and their hedonistic brand of morals.

I'm sick and tired
Of living on educated guesses
Science says that all is theory
Until proven otherwise
Paradigm shifts are a scientific fact
So that means that all the words
We use to explain the world we live in
Are all theoretical and cannot be equaled
By the validity of the Scripture
That has beaconed the path beyond
What is logical
So how then should we go about it
Keep ourselves confined on the contemporary
Definition of the ways things work and how?
By all means no.
Keep in mind this single book that survived
The test of time and has witnessed changed lives
Which resolves far more significant issues of the heart
And where we'd be spending our lives
After we've ventured beyond death's icy hand
This book that tells the story of the man
Who has beacond the path of life beyond
What we would see as logical.

Monday, August 16, 2004
By the way for those of you who've been browsing this Blog for quite sometime now, you may have noticed that there is always this person who've been posting comments on this blog (even way back when this site was still in its formative stages)that goes by the codename luiboi well anyways he's the webmaster of his own blog, luiboi.blogspot.com and he'll be celebrating his 20th birthday and I for one would like to take this opportunity to wich him a Happy Birthday and that I'd also like to thank him for helping me out with developing this site particularly with its comments feature way back when it was still not subscribed to haloscan, another is for our interesting talk with regards to our posts as well as with comic books, and html tags, and for all the other stuff that pertaining to him I appreciated as well as being part of this blog and for being a fellow blogger who's knowledge have grown while spending our time in this place in the Net. Thanks dude.

It's really quite nice that God has ways of making people smile, like how upon my arrival here at the office just this morning I was indeed overjoyed with the fact that a Smokey's hotdog chain has just opened a branch here in our building, which again brings me back with memories of the times me and Jeanie ate their hotdogs at this park outside Ayala Museum before it bacame this new Greenbelt park, another is that it has
also been an alternative luncheon place for me way back when I was still an unemployed graduate that has been constantly in rotation around the Ayala vicinity looking for work.

Lastly I've also just recieved my Philhealth ID a few minutes ago and that it has approved both of my parents as qualified dependents which means we'd be able to get healthcare benefits from the government
if in any case we'd get sick.

By the way if ever you'd be interested m35b is also listed now at the Philippine Blog Awards Site where it has also been nominated, another is this blog has also been listed at the Emo And Love webring where it could be browsed by clicking at their link exchange icon on the bottom of this blog. And if it would be of any value to you the links page of this blog has also been updated since I have long since forgotten when
I last updated its links I've added the church that Meg of Ghostwriter Meg attends in as well as the personal page of my friend Mark De Guzman as well as a few dozen sites that are of your interest.


Its really an amazing thing to have the assurance that at the end of the week there's always this day called Saturday and Sunday where you could get away from the tantric frustration and weeklong pressure of the daily routine that have entagled us during the previous weekday.
Such a time was Saturday, one the is simply because of the fact that at the very least I could wake up later than my usual since I don't have to go to work, as well as the very fact that I could get to spend a little extra time with my family and friends.
Last Saturday was sort of the usual I woke up very late since I was really tired the night before because I got home sort of late due to the long pizza conversation-cum-dinner I had with Aga, Jeanie and her disciples. I believe it was almost eleven in the morning when I finally decided to get up, partly because of the call that I got from Kuya Benjie informing me that I am the one who's supposed to be playing bass guitar at church on Sunday, but nevertheless I decidied to get up.
As I was sipping my coffee I was informed by my Kuya Louie that we'll be going out for lunch later and so we did along with my parents, Kuya Louie, his wife and my Ate Susie and Kuya Alber her husband where they decided to have our meal at this restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue, called Tree House, whereupon entering the door I happened to see an aquaintance from back in the days of where I still sing for Life Is Trying, the dude's name is Jay and he was one of the bass players that I have met in years he used to play for this Slayer cover band called Bhakti, that was before he got too deeply engrossed in student activism as a member of this peasant organizing youth collective, but based on my knowledge he's now a member of the ANAKPAWIS National Secretariat.
Anyways we were able to partake of a meal that comprises of I believe 5 dishes. And I must say that I truly did enjoy the Sisig and the Crisppy Pata, and later on we had deserts our at McDonalds.
When we arrived home I got the chance to watch the first half of Anaconda with my nephews Arno, Ciro and Gabriel. And later on I met up with Laix at National Bookstore Cubao to go to our weekly youth worship service, and while we were at the bus we got to talk about the stuff that he's presently reading about in the Bible particularly at this story in the Book of Genesis, which at that time talked about Deutoronomy 34.
Later on that afternoon we got to have coffee and got the chance to eat for free at this art exhibit that was serving food for those who arev viewing the launching of this new gallery.
Later that night while I was on my way to leave for my practive at church and Laix also decided that he'd stick around for the practive and so he did and while we were on our way we got into a conversation that I got really encourage by the stuff he's telling me about concerning how God is presently working in his life which was something that really made an impact in me and as well as made me realize how really cool it is that one of my best friends since high school has found a newfound purpose for his life abiding in God's Will. Come to think of it that was really cool since I before when we just met one of the things that really brought us together is simply the fact that we both like to listen to punk rock and we were both jaded by our friends that live in the 'normal' teenage world, but now this is something different because the foundation of our friendship is based on the eternal fact that we are now brethren in the faith.
A strong downpout of rain drenched outside while I was still practicing at church.
So as it turned out we Laix decided that he'd spend the night at our house. Later that night as I would engage in my regular phone conversation with Jeanie I learneed that one of his burdens at school this particular atheist student of hers has finally decided to give Christianity a chance in his life, which was then again another encouragement and another demostration of God's power at work in our lives.
The following morning I got to church just in time for the praise and worship portion where we'll be playing. And later at that selfsame service I was so blessed with the message that our pastor delivered concerning an exposition at the verse Romans 8:28.
Come the afternoon I also spent a good portion of in having quality time with Jeanie and her sister at their house and later on Greenhills and on SM Centerpoint where to my surprise I got myself infected with a bad cold that has left my nose running up to now, and as I arrived home later I got to see my Kuya Peddie and his family who's visited us and I was also able to have a long nap which I really looked forward to during the morning, and as I woke up I got to finish my laundry and take a leisurly bath as well as catch this cool episode of Justice League in Cartoon Network wherein Arkis Chamuk and Galius Sed of the Green Lantern Corps died at the hands of Despero and again got myself into bed where I woke up just this 8 in the morning and led me into writing this piece that you are reading right now.

Knowing That You Were Held At Gunpoint
Friday, August 13, 2004
Imagine yourself at gunpoint and you were asked an either or question and with the right you'd be given a second chance at life or if ever you answer wrong you'd have your skull blown to bits. Think about it really I mean it would really be easy if the questions merely go as follows:

Better Snack Company
Jack & Jill or Granny Goose: Granny Goose

Better Local Chocolate CompanySergs or Goya: Sergs

Better M&Ms ripoff
Moonbits or Nips: Moonbits

Better Livelihood TV Program
Ating Alamin or Negosyete: Ating Alamin

Better Local Horror Show
Regal Shocker or Pinoy Thriller: Pinoy Thriller

Better Teen Vareity Show
AngTV or That's Entertainment: That's Entertainment

Better Showbiz Talkshow Host (Famale)
Ate Luds or Christy Fermin: Ate Luds

Better Showbiz Talkshow Host (Male)
Nap Gutierez or Boy Abunda: Nap Gutierez

Better Child Superstar
Niño Mulach or Billy Joe Crawford: Niño Mulach

Better Teen Click
The Bagets or The Guwapings: Bagets

Better Pre-Buble Gang Gag Show
Todas or Mixed Nuts: Todas

Better Weather Man
Amado Pineda or Ernie Baron: Amado Pineda

Better Pinoy Stud
George Estregan or Vic Vargas: George Estregan

Better All Around Trio
Tito, Vic & Joey or Apo Hiking Society: Apo Hiking Society

Better Fringe Comedian
Redford White or Dyords Javier: Dyords Javier

Better Rapper/Comedian
Michael V or Andrew E: Michael V

Better Elementary School Equipment
Coleman or Stroller: Coleman

Better School Equipment
Binder or Backpack: Backpack

Better Dramatic Actress
Julie Vega or Judy Ann Santos: Julie Vega

Better Dinosaur Oriented TV Show
Denver The Last Dinosaur or Barney: Denver The Last Dinosaur

Better Lactobacilus Drink
Yakult or Lactovitale: Yakult

Better Funny Komiks Wise Crack
Niknok or Eklok: Niknok

Better Funny Komiks Animal Super-Hero
Super Dog or Super Cat: Super Dog

Better Pinoy Comedy Comic Strip
Planet Opdi Eyps or My Little Pupong: Planet Opdi Eyps

Better Lapid Actor
Lito or Jess Lapid: Jess Lapid

Better Ogre Anti-Hero
Ben David or Bomber Moran: Bomber Moran

Better Old Nagging Lola
Delia Atay Atayan or Chichay: Chichay

Better Old Always-On-The-Brink-Of-Death-Martyr-Lola
Rosa Rosal or Mary Walter: Mary Walter

Better Character in Cafeteria Aroma
Miñong or Apeng Daldal: Miñong

Better Barkada Oriented Action-Adventure Flick
Spirit Wariors or Ninja Kids: Ninja Kids

Better Slapstick Sidekick Of A 2nd Rate Comedian
Kuhol or Bentong: Kuhol

Better Lead Henchman Of A Pinoy Action Movie Big Boss
Ruel Bernal or Rez Cortez: Ruel Bernal

Better Big Bird Copy From Batibot
Pong Pagong or Koko Kwikwak: Pong Pagong

Better Alejar Actor
Jojo or Toby Alejar: Jojo Alejar

Better Friday 7:00 PM CArtoon
The Real Ghostbusters or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Real Ghostbusters

Better Japanese Sci-Fi Comic Relief
Dr. Ang of Shaider or Peebo of Bioman: Doctor Ang

Better Encarnation Of The Guy Who Floats Inside A Pyramid In Maskman
Director of Maskman or Tani of Takeshi's Castle: Director of Maskman

Better Medicinal Sulfur Soap
Doctor Koffman or Doctor Wong: Doctor Koffman

Better Flashback Thememed Drama Show
Malaala Mo Kaya or Balintataw: Balintataw

Better Youth Oriented GMRC-Integrating Show
Yan Ang Bata or Chikiting Patrol: Yan Ang Bata

Better Film Feature Shown On Sunday Nights
Sunday's Big Event or Million Dollar Movies: Sunday's Big Event

Better Filipino Chinese Actor That Had A Career In Showbiz Way Back In 1992
Rudolph Yap Ching Sai or Chinky Tan: Chinky Tan

Better Filipino Comic Book
Funny Komiks or Culture Crash: Funny Komiks

Better WWF Wrestler
Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior: Ultimate Warrior

Better Encarnation Of The Famous Wrestling Federation

Better Encarnation Of David Hasslehof
David Hasslehof Knightrider or David Hasslehof Baywatch: David Hasslehof Knightrider

Better Fighting-Helicopter Oriented Action Series
Air Wolf or Blue Thunder: Air Wolf

Better Alien-Themed ET Rip-Off
Wolly Bully or Kokey: Kokey

Better Fernando Poe Junior Sidekick
Berting Labra or Dencio Padilla: Berting Labra

Better Show That Showcases The Old Movies Of A Specific Actor
FPJ sa GMA or Idol Ko Si Pidol: Idol Ko Si Pidol

Better Movie Trailer Oriented Show
Movies To Watch or The Top 10 Best Movie Trailers Of The Week: Movies To Watch

Better Pre-Star City, Pre-Enchanted Kingdom Christmas Carnival
Payanig Sa Pasig or Big Bang Sa Alabang: Payanig Sa Pasig

Better Saturday Morning Children's Vareity Show That Shows A Lot Of Fancy Toys That You Could Never Have
Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club or Pen Pen De Sara Pen: Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club

Have you read the questions above and my answers?
Now take that for example that such questions were the ones asked to me by the one holding me at gunpoint though it may appear silly or funny the thing is how sure am I that such answers could also mean false and would mean the consequence of me getting myself killed if looked at the perspective of the person pointing a gun at me. What then?
I suppose you're asking what am I trying to point at here, my point is that for so little effort we chose to take our freewill that much forgranted that we don't really take the time to think out our options and our stand with important issues in our lives. Issues that curtail towards where we would be spending eternity or how we'd live life to our fullest potentials.
A while ago I was talking to someone with regards to accepting God into their lives and I was told that he'd have to think it out first, so I said okay in fact it was such a wise decision but sad to say the whole issue of receiving salvation is not about getting to check out our options and like being held at gunpoint same is our situation now, in fact we've already been held at gunpoint by sin eversince the fall and its just a matter of time before the trigger is pulled, but now comes the escape we're asked with the question of do you need Jesus in your life? Well the obvious answer is yes, but it is a sad fact that some people are so complacent of the fact that they'd rather put logic and intellect above all else before sticking to the natural instinct of survival which is basically to say "yes".
Indeed its just a simple yes or no question there are no eithers, ifs, buts, maybes and all those other statements of playing safe, remember that the Bible says simply to believe in our hearts that Jesus is Lord and that salvation is a gift and what does one do to receive a gift, basically they just need to accept it, now how does the 'believe in your heart'statement fit in to accepting simple its just simply the act of saying yes and meaning it, to cut it short its about putting our faith in the redeeming work of God.
Another is that the gun as already pointed and its just a matter of time before it is shot, now I'd also like to ask is not time considered intangible?
Intangible means it cannot be restored once lost it is already lost now how would one respond to such a question with the answer of thinking it out first when in fact the one holding you at gunpoint is already losing his/her patience and demands a straight forward right away.
And now I ask, suppose I there is a gunman asking you the question do you accept Jesus in your life?
Would you answer a simple yes just as I have answered the following either or questions that I've written above?
By the way please bear in mind that Christ isn't really an option He's a neccessity.

Voltron: Defender Of The Universe

Yesterday, was one of those days when I got absolutely bored with the stuff that I'm doing here at work. So what I did was I just randomly surfed the net for anything that came into my mind, during that time I was thinking of how the cartoon Voltron ended, and to my dissapointment I cannot find a site that gives a definite statement that gives the specific events that led to the ending of the series, but anyways I didn't care about much anyways. But what was cool was I found this great line that the narrator speaks at the beginning of the show, which reminds me a lot of Laix because he used to recite those lines whenever we'd be having one of those dumb discussions about the cartoons that we used to watch as kids. He goes that line:

"From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe! A mighty robot. Loved by good, feared by evil. As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy. On planet Earth, a galaxy alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the solar system, they maintained peace throughout the universe. Until a new horrible menace threatened the galaxy. Voltron was needed once more. This is the story of the super force of space explorers. Specially trained and sent by the Alliance to bring back Voltron: Defender of the Universe. "

The Basics

Well as you may know I am quite that much of an introverted person and that my interests rarely even give you a hint of who I am really, and just recently I've seen these posts in both Ghost Writer Meg and in Pinay Blood Rush that pertains to their interests and I as well am inspired to share these stuff with you.

Cartoons: G.I. Joe, Transformers, Super-Friends, The New Adventures of Batman & Robin, Batman the Animated Series, Spiderman & His Amazing Friends, X-Men, Superbook

Children's Show: Batibot, Uncle Bob's Lucky Seven Club, 5 And Up

Bands: Greenday, The Cure, NoFX, Rancid, Pennywise, Goldfinger, Dashboard Confessional, MxPx

Comic Books: Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Zero Hour, Shade The Changing Man, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, The New Titans

Toys: GI Joes, Super Powers, Batman Action Figures, RC Cars, Matchbox, Hot Wheels

Computer Game: Digger, Galaxian, Moonbugs, Keen 4, Duke Nukem

Arcade Games: Street Fighter II, Tekken 3, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men Children of the Atom

Books: The Bible, The Little Prince, The Lord of the Flies, The Great Divorce, Know What You Believe, The Communist Manifesto, Philippinw Society & Revolution

Movie: A Life Less Ordinary, Saving Private Ryan, Waking Life, Akira, Reality Bites, Empire Records, Forest Gump, Stigmata, 28 Days Later

TV Show: The Wonder Years, My So-Called Life, Eerie Indiana, NYPD Blue, Parker Lewis Can't Loose, Northern Exposure, Mc Guyver

Sitcom: Perfect Strangers, Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymund, The Cosby Show, Bob, Happy Days

Super Heroes: Nightwing, Robin, Blue Beetle, Batman

My Heroes: Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Eman Lacaba, Sid Vicious, Joe Strummer, Robert Smith, Paul McCartney, Jeanie Derillo, Benjie Baclagon, Laixander Naguit, Gato Borrero, My Parents

Filipino Sitcom: Buddy & Sol, Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata, Ober Da Bakod, Bistiks, Cool Ka Lang, Strange Brew, Manic Pop Thrill

Filipino Action Movie: Manong Gang, Eagle Squad, Markang Bungo

Filipino Horror: Zuma, Tuklaw, Huwag Mong Buhaying Ang Bangkay, Anak Ng Diablo, Matatalim Na Pangil Sa Gubat

Songhits: Jingle, Rock & Rhythm, Hot Hits

1 Peso Snack:
Wonderboy, Tommy, Vinegar Pusit, Moby, Richie, Rimbee, Pritos Ring

Mark's Web

While I was checking my mail I was surprised to have received a mail from a very cool friend whom I have lost contact with for a long time, he is Mark who also happened to be the drummer of Life Is Trying and I must admit that I really kind of missed him as well as say it here right now that I have yet to meet a pinoy drummer that plays drums better than him. Another is that he also his personal webpage and I hope that you'll find the time to visit it. By clicking here.

Not Cool Club

Hey if there's anyone interested I've just recently joined the Not Cool Club discussion boards so is there's anyone interested with the forums there simply click here.

My Thanks To Bob Kane
Thursday, August 12, 2004

Just yesterday I got to read this opened Trade Paperback compilation of Batman: Black & White which features a lot of self-contained Batman stories and art from Art Kubert (Conan The Barbarian); Brian Bolland (Camelot 3000, Batman: The Killing Joke); Ted McKeever (Doom Patrol, The Extremists); Matt Wagner (Sandman Mystery Theatre, Grendel); Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Death: The High Cost of Living); Chuck Dixon (Robin, Detective Comics, Birds of Prey); Denny O'Neil(longtime Batman editor); Bruce Tim (Batman The Animated Series, Justice League Animated and Superman Animated); Archie Goodwin (Armageddon 2001) among others as well as pinup art from Jim Lee (WildCATS, Gen 13).
And all in all it was a very good comic book complation and though I have read only 3 stories from it (Neil Gaiman's, Ted McKeever's and Brian Bolland's) I could say that I'd be interested in buying it but the only problem I see is that its too expensive imagine a comic book costing P999 which amounts to almost (if my calculations are correct) 20% of my salary!
So for now I'd be contented in visiting that open book at Powerbooks daily and read at least one story a day so I'll be able to finish it while its still opened.
Now another thing is that I would also like to take this time to give tribute for the man who made the Batman legend all possible for all these artists to explore and who's character's to expound on; as well as for all the producers, directors and actors to give life to on the silver screen.
He is Bob Kane he past away last 1998.

He was a teenager when he sought work at DC Comics in 1938 (during the time when Siegel & Shuster's Superman made his debut at Action Comics). That's where he collaborated with writer Bill Finger on creating Batman which made its debut on Detective Comics #27.

Anyways I do not know a lot of details pertaining to his career but one thing I am sure of is that up until the making of those lousy George Clooney Batman movies he still played an active role in the Batman mythos along with Batman editor Dennis O'Neil (creator of Ra's Al Ghul and reponsible for the Batman/Robin (Dick Grayson) breakup).
And looking at that alone makes me admire him for truly giving his heart for the character he created and for being generous enough to allow a number of creators like Doug Moench (Knights End Saga); Frank Miller (The Dar Knight Returns); Alan Moore (The Killing Joke); Len Wein (creator of the second Robin); Jim Starlin (Death In The Family); Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum, Gothic); Marv Wolfman (Lonely Place of Dying) to further enrich the character of Batman in ways that were able to capture the wildest imagination of its readers.

I read that he died of a longtime illness and I hope that though it might be late, this post will serve as another fan's tribute to the creator of a legend that has become a household name to kids and people like me around the world. For the cape and the cowl and the Batman's conviction not to take a life and for his effective method in striking fear and terror to the hearts the superstitious cowardly lot of the underworld, I give Bob Kane my regards.

To read Bob Kane's Bio
--->click here<---

mInutes of the meeting

Apparently I am again late but its really nice to see that the site is working all well as opposed to yesterday.
Well last night our department here in the office had a meeting with our project director and he congratulated us that the client website that we're maintaining applauded us for doing a very excellent job at maintaining their website and for efficiently being able to edit its content for online uploading in real time.
Another is that there is our project leader who is sort of a facsist-type of a character who is giving all of us a very hard time with non-work related policies is leaving our project by the following month which is a welcomed change because a lot of us here at our department have become too weary of her nazi policies on a lot of things and that the one who is replacing her is someone who has a lot of credit due to her, because she has always been the unseen hand that navigated the continious processing of the site updating and has also been our morale officer at times of discouragement and whom all of us at our department respects because of her conviction and for her courage in standing up for our teams welfare.
Another cool thing about the meeting is that the project director treated us with Yellow Cab pizza which unfortunately I was only able to partake of 2 slices but nevertheless it was nice that I got to eat them since those pizza's really cost a fortune and that a whole pizza like that could have already fed my family for an entire day. Though the meeting was sort of cool it also has its downside on me since it addressed my tardiness and I admit that its really my fault that I take up so many idle time at home while I'm preparing to leave for work.
But all in all the meeting was cool.
To be honest I'm not quite sure why I am making a post about this meeting which could be read by a lot of you people out there but anyways I hope you'll excuse me for doing this. Thanks.

Its About Time
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
...and thought that I'll have to upload my image over again, but as I checked the blog a few minutes ago the photos here hosted by pics.xs are back. Thank God. By the way I just heard that Mariane from ghostwriter meg is celebrating her birthday today and I'd like to greet her a happy birthday.

Ground Breaking Music?

I find it hard to believe that there are still ground breaking music
out there that has yet to be discovered. I think the good old rock and
roll formula has reached its terminous. Nevertheless there are still some
artists whose music are still worth checking out.

One of them is this band called Refused who's album The SHape of Punk
to Come clearly blows my mind.

Another is Snapcase mainly because of their sheer wierdness and utter
disregard for mixing styles that range from formulaic punk to bad hair
metal song structures.

There is also the Dillinger Escape Plan, whose music I cannot find any
words that would describe it.

Lastly there is the International (Music) Conspiracy whose situationist
punk style mixed with funk and their adherence to Socialism really
gives me utter bliss upon hearing their songs.

I do not know about you people but I think these artists are still
worth hearing despite the fact that they're not that groundbreaking. Though
I don't know really there is this thing called paradigm shifts maybe
this is also applicable in music. What do you think?

Pics Site Is Still Down

It's not that I am over-reacting or anything, but the pics.xs site is still down and I am starting to worry that I might have to start all over again. Anyways this is my lunch break and I just so happened to have found this old composition that I wrote here in the office when I was still on night shift and I hope you'll find the heart to enjoy it. Thanks.

Peeping down the Venician blinds

I can see the cars go passing by

From way up here they radiate

The dark night sky

Its way past midnight

And its only my lunch break

I'm hearing silly pop tunes

From a top 40 radio station

I don't know exactly why

I cannot help but feel this way

That in each time I think

It makes me wish it was Sunday

Where I could here Your Word

Sit down with the guys

Turn to chapters and verses

Partaking at each word

But now is a Friday

Two days more to count

But it doesn't have to be

No reason for nostalgia

I know you're right here

With me by my side

With Your words kept hidden

In my once weary and broken old heart

I don't know exactly why

I cannot help but feel this way

That in each time I think

It makes me wish it was Sunday

Where I could here Your Word

Sit down with the guys

Turn to chapters and verses

Partaking at each word

i don't know

People say that its nice to type words in the computer when you're feeling down and all and that when you feel just like that you'd begin to wonder when you've finished whatever it is that you're writing because somehow by some stroke of luck you'd never know in your wildest dreams that you might come up with some great piece of writing and you'd think that it is a prose that's worthy of a pulitzer and that you might even discover that you're such a great writer and I wonder if such is true for me because right now I'm not even sure what on earth it is that I am writing about other than the fact that I just want to keep on typing and that I am presently supposed to be busy with what the world considers as work but to my surprise I am here sitting in a reclining gaslift chair in a brightly lit room hearing nothing but the seemingly harmonic sound keyboards tapping in in unison to some sort of melody that I could not distinguish I've been typing now for about 6 minutes and I think this is enough I have to get back to reality, get back to work I've already spent an hour here in the office and I only have 8 hours more left in my 9 hour work day, I have a quota to meet; a deadline to catch; a productivity standard to comply with I hope this amounts to something; I don't know should this be posted or not or should this be considered worth something at all? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

Error 404

I couldn't believe what was before my eyes when I opened my blog, all of the images that I uploaded at pics.xs.to during the past 2 weeks were all on 404 status which means that they're not online at the moment. So what I did was look it up on the host's site and as it turned out the host server at pics.xs.to in Hongkong is down and that all the images stored there are 'temporarily' unavailable and there is this tiny probability that they might be lost but hopefully they won't because if indeed they get lost I might just have to upload all of them images again and hopefully in a new and better free photohosting site, but according to the site I just have to give it a few days to be back again and I sure hope that by that time I'll be able see the images again in the blog as well as in Pinay Blood Rush and at luiboi's blog I just hate the way that this thing makes me feel so helpless and I know that this is way to shallow for me to whine about, but nonetheless I hope that the images that I have at pics.xs.to will be back soon.

This is not the end but a mere beginning
Monday, August 09, 2004
I must admit that this past few days have then again been quite a powerful testimony of how awe inspiring God works in our lives.

Just this past Friday I was able to attend a youth service where former MBA superstar Alex Compton delivered a testimony of his conversion, which really moved a lot of us out there in the congregation mainly because of the fact that for such people like me I have become so familiar with Christianity in general that our own personal experiences of salvation have somehow almost faded into the back of our minds already and that no longer do take the time to really think about the full extent of God's work in our lives.

And looking back at it I could still remember the preplexing thoughts that I had then which were better expressed with Aga's teary eyes as I prayed for him during the closing of the service. He said that like me he also regretted the loss of time that we both spent as "armchair christians". As I listened to his words such thought a feeling of remorse also entered my mind and that indeed for me I've almost spent both my years in high school and in college merely as a silent type of christian who discuss God merely in an intellectual level rather than out of genuine concern for the souls of the lost that are around me.

But the thing is that despite of that I also felt a sense of comfort since I am here now talking about such with a fellow believer that have also grown cold in the faith, but to look at it in the present context one will ask where am I right now?

I'm here at church praying for God's comfort for this weary bretheren. So later on I spoke to him of how I also fell to the same fate as his and that how wonderfully amazing it is that God still by His grace sought to restore us.

The rest was all in all history.

But then again, I later spent that night on a walk with Jeanie along Ortigas wherein we spent the time talking about how God has worked so awesomely in her life and that she still can't fathom the extent of her joy in her newfound relationship with Jesus Christ.

I think we were already in San Miguel Corporate Center when she told me that she feels that we should totally submit our relationship to God, and that would mean that we would choose to forgo with its intimate aspects and settle ourselves as very good friends at the moment.

When I first heard it I must admit that I do not fully share the same sentiments as hers, but as I paused and took the time to think about it I realized something that God revealed during that certain point in time as she said that though she is really that much on fire for God she still feels as though she was not giving a hundred percent of her life to God's Lordship, and in fact the same is also true in my life since I as well.

To cut the story short I agreed with her proposal, and chose the path of friendship. Knowing that it is God who is in control in our lives.

We did this because we loved God, above ourselves and that we both know that its either all or nothing when it comes to submitting our lives to Him.

It is really hard to imagine that we chose God over the almost 6 years of having such close ties, and that it is more so that a number of our close friends cannot believe it either but true enough we did chose it, and that despite of that we could still look back and smile at the memories that we had back then. And that I just know that for whatever those memories were meant back then whether it be good or bad, for what its worth it was worth all the while. If it wasn't for those tapestry of memories we would never have found our place in God's will.

As I look back not once before that decision did I ever thought about such submission to God, since we were not as earnestly seeking His favor then. And is it not such a great comfort that such a thing happened to us because we were only practicing our free will into doing what is right in the eyes of God.

So I guess the terminus of whatever it was that we had back then that we no longer have now, is not such a reason for mourning, because those moments that we spent back then were the best times of our live, and if ever I am a romantic novelist I would defintely include those things that we shared in my novel.

And the mere proof that this decision of ours is of God's will is because of the fact the
blossoming of our love did not die nor does it lie there in the ground rendered with the foul deterioration of emotional rigor mortis.

I thank God that He allowed us to stumble into one another's orbit, and for allowing us to grow together for almost six years straight. Given the chance I'd be more than everything else be thanking Jeanie and speaking this lines: "Because of you I am a better person."

Another is that I'd linke to give her thanks for the memories, and thanks for the understanding that she shared and for the happiest moments in my life that she have shared with me, and I hope that I have been used as a channel of blessing to Jeanie and her family.

I believe it was this pastor named Dennis who said that the perfect picture of human love is not the sight of your beloved one standing right in front of you but the idea of both of you standing side by side looking towards the horizon and seeing what the world has to offer for both of you.

I hope that there are new horizons for us to explore as we travel along life's twists and turns as very good friends.

This is not the end but a mere beginning.

By the way other highlights of the weekends included me being able to play again with the praise & worship team of our church. And that I was also able to have more extra time with Laix and Micheal when all three of us visited the art gallery at Megamall looking at paintings. Another is that Laix also spent the night at our house and we were able to talk a lot about how God has been working in our lives and on the following day he was able to attend the church service at GBC where we both learneed that behemoth and leviathan are both according to biblical scholars are indeed dinosaurs. And that I was able to play United Live's version of Now That You're Near & All About You with the praise & worship team after the service ended.
Lastly I also had a lot of fun spending the rest of the day at this place already bordering to the Southern Luzon area of Parañaque along with Jeanie, Laix and Jem at Chit's house for their town fiesta.
To look back right now I cannot help but feel overly exstatic by the fact that God is making His face shine upon me and all of my newfound friends.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. - Psalm 37:4
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. - Matthew 6:33

Oh Great...

Oh great, then again I've fallen to the lure of coming in to work late. I really ought to leave earlier but I can't seem to find the perfect time to ride the MRT for the reason that (based on my experiences) I've never been able to ride the train upon my arrival at the station because of the hordes of people within proximity that are also dying to get to work in time, and at times I'd have to go to roundtrips so that I'd be able to catch a train only problem is that it delays my travel time for about another 20 minutes. Oh well, I suppose there's always tomorrow.
By the way I hope you've already taken notice of the new pages that I've added and please do find the time to visit them, thanks.

Thanks John
Friday, August 06, 2004
I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to see who just signed my guestbook...
...It was Señor Rotten or John "Rotten" Espiritu formerly of the legendary 80s to mid-90s punk band Philippine Violators. Apparently he was able to find his way through the site and I think was quite pleased with its contents.
Well to most of you the name wouldn't ring a bell or anything but I must admit to me this means a lot because his band was one of the very few local rock heroes (along with Yano, The Youth, Eraserheads, The Jerks and The Wuds) that I had when I was still a teenager, way back then. Another is that I was also one of the chosen few to have been given the chance to partake of the record releases of his label RMD.
And though the band might have faded into obscurity to many nowadays. I'd still fondly remember the songs: Dawn Celia, Sikat Na Si Pedro, Hoy Hoy Hoy etc. that during that time made my day whenever I'd listen to LA 105. Or how I'd smile and think of their faded pictures that are published in Hot Hits Songhits
whenever I'd see their Tone Def releases on the sale bins of record bars and whenever I'd be visit the cooperative store at PUP where their album 3rd Offense is still on sale.
And come to think about it...its really nice to know God has His own way of making us smile since I am really under a lot of pressure here at work right now he still manages to make me crack a smile. Thanks John.

Remember The Past Month Of July
Thursday, August 05, 2004
Anyways I know this post has been quite overdue and in keeping the tradition of posting the stuff on the blog that were in my 'standards' worth reading I give you the following posts that I published for the month of July. Thanks.

My Band In Retrospect
Victory For Dela Cruz ; Eulogy To Falco
There's Something Rotten About Rotten.Com
Vox Populi Cubao
What's So Scarry About The Bible Anyway
Alan Moore Grant Morrison and Vertigo Comics
Why I Am Not A Pulp Magazine Reader
With Regards To Music Piracy
Violent Dispersal Paves Way For Pullout
Three Subjects One Post
Does Anybody Really Care About What Emo Is
You Know You're An 80s Kid When...
Foreign Intervention In Iraq Takes Its Toll In The RP
Happy Birthday Gato
Secular Work Is Full Time Ministry
Remember The Past
I hope you'll find the following posts above worth your attention. Thanks.

M35B reaches a thousand visits

I was quite disappointed when I first placed the hit counter a few months back because during its initial week of existence in the blog it has only reached to a total of about 20 hits. But as to my astonishment in just a span of two months it has reached to more than a thousand and I hope that the people that have taken time to contribute their hits to this blog have in return gained something out of this. Thanks.

By the way I have yet to setup a couple or more new pages for this blog the only problem is that I can't seem to make the floppy diskdrive of this PC to read my disks. But hopefully that will be resolved soon.

Please Excuse The Mess...
Wednesday, August 04, 2004
As I have mentioned earlier I've been currently on the process of making changes on the overall setting of the blog and for that reason I've recently moved the links and the link exchange portion to a new page but I haven't been able to put it up for the blog yet so I hope for your patience. Please visit any time soon. Thanks.

Link Exchange Anyone?
Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Last Sunday afternoon I was caught unaware when I checked this blog's email. I couldn't believe my eyes that m35b was nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards, and I couldn't give God more than enough credit for looking at this blog with favor.
Anyways, I wasn't able to publish a post yesterday because of a luncheon meeting here at the office so I hope this makes up for the delay. I've recently finished putting up these link exchange icons for m35b and pinay blood rush and I hope you'll find the time to post them in your blog/site as well just copy the corresponding html code below the following image. Thanks.

<a target="_blank" href="http://m35b.blogspot.com"><img src="http://pics.xs.to/pics/04082/m35b_linkexchange1.jpg" alt="m35b - where collective thought & action germinates"></a>

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Anyways I hope this would be of your interest. By the way hopefully I'll be able to post my best of July by the end of this week. And while the updates on the links portion before the end of August. Please do continue to find time in visiting this blog. Thanks. God bless.


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